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SensoMap’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable agriculture.

SensoMap was founded in 2018 on the belief that the future of humanity depends on sustainable agriculture. While the world population doubled in the last 40 years, so did the food demand. Facing this rapid increase in demand, SensoMap believes in changing the traditional practices.

SensoMap does that by providing geospatial technologies for precision agriculture. Precision processes use less input (water, fertiliser, pesticide etc) and increase the quantity of agricultural output. To save costs, produce more and reduce environmental impact.

SensoMap uses fleets of satellites to deliver its Satellite Surveillance service. With no software installation and no computer skills required, Satellite Surveillance is designed for large-scale adoption. The integration of high resolution imagery, advanced analytics and mobile provides farmers unprecedented capabilities.

SensoMap uses data from aerial platforms to deliver its Aerial Analytics service. SensoMap develops it’s own artificial intelligence object recognition and uses it as the core technology for Aerial Analytics. SensoMap believes that drones with their fast evolution in automation and autonomy will become a integral part of the 21st century agriculture.

Emergency Response enforces SensoMap’s capacity to respond to global emergency situations. Taking social responsibility as an integral part of its business, SensoMap provides free global Emergency Response.

Regions of Africa affected by food crises are also provided support. The Ubuntu program launched by SensoMap in 2019 is to meet this chalenge.

And this is just the beginning. SensoMap continues to develop services accessible and affordable to more and more farmers. Imagery, analytics, mobile and agriculture already exist independently but when integrated they become even more powerful – that’s the future we want.

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